Camelot Tenants Find Furniture For A Neighbor

This was not a typical Rock Bottom Liquidators delivery. A delivery team brought a dining room set, a couch, a chair, two mattresses a coffee table and an end table to Lottie Burley. One problem -- Mrs. Burley didn't ask for the furniture donation.

"No I didn't want hand me outs at first," she said as she watched deliverymen carry a mattress past her. "So I said no."

Burley lives in the Camelot Apartments off 28th Street. The public housing complex has a resident council. It determined that Burley needed better furniture.

"We just wanted to do something good," council member Tajah Barnett said. "This is the month of giving. So we chose her, being as she's a senior citizen and handicapped, we wanted to do some good for her. And that's what we decided to do."

The council contacted Tammy Barber at Rock Bottom. She delivered $1091.33 worth of furniture. And she threw away the bill.

"Because I can't stand to see nobody do without," Barber said.

The store owner was standing next to the guest of honor as more furniture entered her small apartment.

"I just decided this morning to go ahead and take it," Burley said, "because she said it was a blessing."

According to Region VIII Supervisor Jessie Billups, the blessing is that people are starting to take more pride in public housing.

"Nobody can now look at us and say nobody cares out here," he told the store owner. "People do care. And I'm so glad."

Mrs. Burley reluctantly gave up her old furniture. However, she wouldn't accept Rock Bottom's offer to clean her Camelot apartment. That, Burley said, was her job.