Long Beach High School students top notch in history

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The Good Morning Mississippi team is helping schools across the coast get psyched up for Friday night high school football. WLOX was at Long Beach High School Friday morning for their pep rally.

Earlier in the week Jessica Bowman had the opportunity to visit the school and talk with students from the history department.

Students said Long Beach High School has a special history program that is successful and they are proud to be a part of it.

Zach Thomas said, "World War II."

Frank Fales added, "My favorite part is the Civil War."

"I would say the differences between the Vietnam and Korean War were really tough to remember," said Alex Hem.

From foreign wars to decades of dreams, Long Beach High School students said it can be a daunting task learning the history of the world. But seniors Zach Thomas and Maggie Clover said with the teachers bringing words to life that obstacle is easily overcome.

Zach said, "Our teachers here at Long Beach are really dedicated to the subject. They love it and they love what they do so it really rubs off on us to really love it too."

Maggie Clover added, "We learned a lot more than what the text book said because she knew so much more."

Clover is referring to History teacher Lauren Ward. This is Ward's fifth year teaching in the history department at Long Beach. Ward said instilling the importance of the subject is critical to students and their success.

Ward said, "We want to make sure our students have civic literacy and they understand that they can go out in society and become amazing citizens. And we want to represent and learn from our Mississippi history the good things and the bad things in our past."

Frank Frales said, "And we learned about all the different types of people like Carnegie and Rockefeller and it just goes all throughout history to present day."

Those lessons combined with countless hours of studying prepared students for the state history test. That's where their knowledge competed against hundreds of other public school students in the state of Mississippi.

"Our scores we do know were among the highest in the state. It's just really humbling to know that your passion can rub off on the students and to me that's the greatest joy about my job is when the students come and say they really like history," said Ward.

Thomas said, "We had such great scores. I'm really proud of Long Beach and how we did."

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