Pascagoula tenants deal with raw sewage nightmare

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Sitting outside in the heat is not how these ladies want to spend their day, but they refuse to go in their townhomes at Palm Oaks in Pascagoula because of smelly, raw sewage.

"It stinks that is what it is," Debra Weatherspoon said.

"It smells like booboo," Jackie Dodds said.

Some of the polluted wastewater even flows outside on the grass.

"It is dried toilet paper and booboo," Dodds said.

"I am scared to get staph infection from this because it can happen," Weatherspoon said.

Debra Weatherspoon said the raw sewage is in at least six apartments in the complex.  She took me inside her place to show me where the problem started.

"It came out this pipe here and it over flowed, and I cannot use my air condition unit until they do something about it."

These frustrated folks said they've been complaining and complaining to the landlord about the wastewater for a long time.

"We have been dealing with this for a little over two months," Dodds said. "Like I said, I love it here, and it is unfair we have to keep paying rent and we are not getting anything done."

Landlord Ken Revere agreed to explain the situation over the phone.

"I was just on the phone with a plumber who has the proper equipment to come out and do the necessary repairs to resolve the problem," Revere said.  "We are doing everything we can to resolve the issue."

Revere also denied that there's been a raw sewage leak for two months.

"They haven't been dealing with that issue for more than two months. That is something that happened Friday and the city came and corrected the problem. Then they called me this morning about the problem and we have been on top of the issue."

Revere also told WLOX he would clean the townhomes and pay for the items ruined.

"We are going to do any means necessary to make the tenants happy, like we always have done," Revere said.

That's good news for these tenants.

"That is what I want," Weatherspoon said.

According to Pascagoula Operations Manager Steve Mitchell, his crew has since come out and cleaned the pipe as a courtesy to the residents at the complex.  But he said the stop-up was on the customer side of the line.

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