Mississippi Sea Wolves Fans Show Suport For Mikhail Kravets

There was a rally of support for Mikhail Kravets.. the 36-year old Mississippi Sea Wolves player who has been unable to attain a visa to return to the United States.

Kravets is now living in St. Petersburg, Russia. Some Foreigners abuse the temporary visa program and never leave the United States. Kravets has used a temporary visa for 9 years and once he left for Russia this summer, he hasn't been able to return to the Mississippi Gulf Coast since he can't receive a temporary visa.

At 5:30 Monday evening a small group of Sea Wolves fans gathered for a rally at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum to show their support for Kravets, in hopes that the U-S Consulant in St. Petersburg will grant the veteran hockey player a temporary visa so he can return and play for the Sea Wolves.

Sea Wolves fan, Denise Bruce said, "With hope we will allow our representatives that we do support Kravets coming back. Our understanding from one of the U-S officers is that they have not received a lot of support from the fans. So, we want them to know yes we do support them getting behind this and finding out why the U.S. is saying no we can't let him come back in."

The rally won't have a major impact on the status of Kravets.. but the Sea Wolves fans wanted to show their support with Senator Trent Lott attending a military function at the Mississippi Coast Convention center last night. The Kravets issue is in the hands of the politicians. Senator Lott has been contacted in hopes that he could use his pull in helping Kravets return.