Palace Refurbishes Its Biloxi Resort

The little guy north of Point Cadet is the Palace Casino. Its general manager is Keith Crosby. "You've gotta watch out for those little guys," he boasted.

Crosby's little casino won't be little much longer. It's undergoing a massive makeover. "To get to the top tier that we feel we belong in," said Crosby, "we had to add x number of units. This will put us on the same level as far as gaming capacity with Magic and the Isle, which is where we want to be."

Part of the $20 million upgrade focuses on a barge that sits between the Palace and a Biloxi fishing pier. Until now, the barge has been more for fire rescues than anything else. Now that it's getting walls, it's becoming new gambling space. "It's more effective use of something we own," said Crosby.

By Super Bowl Sunday, the retooled barge will have a few Keith Crosby surprises. "The addition of 400 slot machines and some entertainment opportunities the coast has never seen," he said. "It's going to be something special and new."

So will what's beyond a second floor door. A little used theater is being transformed into a dance hall called Z the Club. Crosby said "It gives us some variety. And it gives people a break. We're just a reason to come here, just for that."

The potential to lure business away from nearby competitors is why the Palace is kicking up so much construction dust. "This is a reason for somebody who is staying there to come here," Crosby said. "It's that simple."