Political rhetoric heats up once votes are counted

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The results of the Vote 2011 runoffs had just been announced.  Before anybody had a chance to digest them, the rhetoric for the general election began.

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree had just knocked off Bill Luckett in the democrats' gubernatorial runoff.  As the final votes were being tallied, Luckett sent out this statement.

"I have come to know Mayor DuPree well. I regard him as a friend and someone who loves this great state as I do," said Luckett.  "He has showcased his leadership credentials. Just look at Hattiesburg.  He has showcased his desire to serve ALL Mississippians.  Mayor DuPree can lead us into the future.  He is a fellow Mississippian who deserves and has earned my support and he's got it.  Tonight, we stand with Mayor DuPree as he launches his campaign for Governor of Mississippi."

Forty minutes earlier, the Republican Governors Association sent out an endorsement for the GOP nominee.

"Phil Bryant is well-positioned to become Mississippi's next governor," said RGA executive director Phil Cox. "His focus on job creation and limited, responsible government is exactly the kind of approach Mississippi needs.

"Unfortunately, Johnny DuPree supports policies that will hurt job creators and cost Mississippi hundreds of millions of dollars," Cox said. "Phil Bryant is the only candidate voters can trust to build upon the progress Mississippi has made over the last eight years."

The political talk wasn't limited to the race for governor.  Earlier in the day, handlers for Connie Moran, the democrats' nominee for Treasurer sent out this statement.

"This low turnout for State Treasurer  shows neither candidate is addressing what the people of Mississippi need," Moran said in the statement.  "The people of Mississippi need more jobs.    That will be my priority as State Treasurer.  Connie Moran is for more jobs!"

Hours later, Lynn Fitch became Moran's opponent in the general election.

"We got to continue to look forward down the line," she told supporters. "We've got to stay positive, talk about our message, talk about experience, credentials and be ready to work on day one. It's truly going to be team effort."

The general election is November 8.

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