Shots fired in treasurer's race

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - One day before run off elections, politics dominated the day at a Harrison County Republican Women's event at the Southern Club in Gulfport.

Several candidates were on hand making last minute overtures before Tuesday's run-offs. The marquee match up is the race for State Treasurer.

Republicans Lee Yancey and Lynn Fitch both took the opportunity to meet with voters in South Mississippi and talk about their qualifications.

"I'm the most conservative person in the race," Lee Yancey told the crowd. "I've been involved in Republican politics my whole life. With my four years in the Senate, I know the legislative process, I know all the Legislators, I know how a bill becomes law. I know how to get things done."

Then it was Lynn Fitch's turn.

"I ran an agency for Governor Barbour, the State Personnel Board, which is the human resources agency for about 32,000 state employees," Fitch said. "I've been a bond lawyer. I've represented the Treasurers office, Bond Commission, and all other financial agencies in state government."

Yancey, a state Senator from Rankin County has gone on the offensive in this race.

"I've raised the question: After the legislature put a freeze on all salaries, why did Lynn Fitch authorize more than a million dollars in raises? She says I'm going negative and dirty. I'm simply asking a question about her record," Yancey said.

Fitch, who lives in Madison County, deflected that criticism.

"It's unfortunate my opponent has gone negative. I won't go there," Fitch said. "Those are lies and distortions. I'm not going to be drawn into that. I've got so many positive things to talk about like what we can do when I'm the state's Chief Financial Officer."

The winner of Tuesday's run off meets Ocean Springs Mayor and Democrat Connie Moran in the general election.

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