Council Designates Popps Ferry Bridge Top Priority

Despite the 30 to 40 million dollar price tag, there was no arguing among Biloxi council members that a new Popps Ferry bridge is a must.

"If we fix Popps Ferry we've got our good corridor to the interstate and I think that's the thing to do," Ward 6 Councilman Tom Wall said.

"I'm sitting behind you in making Popps Ferry, a new high rise, the number one priority," Ward 5 Councilman Mike Fitzpatrick said.

The mayor says getting two million dollars from the government to pay for an environmental impact study shows the feds are committed to help the city. The main complaints about the bridge is it's not tall enough to let boat traffic through and the mayor says the bridge is just wearing out.

"I'm scared every time that the Popps Ferry Bridge opens that it won't close because it is old and it's very expensive maintenance on the bridge. We're all the time having to do something to it," Mayor A.J. Holloway said.

Mayor Holloway says he doesn't think it will take more than three or four years after the environmental impact study is completed.

I don't think there's a lot of land to be purchased, not much right of way, so that would be good and easy. So I think we're looking at three years we could have a new bridge there," Holloway said.

The mayor says he expects the national transportation budget will include more money for a new bridge next year.

The city council declared Highway 90 as the number two priority. Number three is a north/south connector road. A new Biloxi/Ocean Springs bridge is in the number four slot, and widening Highway 15 is number five.