Moss Point women, children's shelter offers help

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A Moss Point shelter for women and children wants to get the word out that it is open and willing to help more people without a home or a hot meal. The shelter director said she helped about 50 people since opening in May, but knows there a lot more homeless and helpless in this community.

Felecia Blackwell has been staying at the Abundant Grace Emergency shelter for the past few nights.  She said she couldn't be more grateful to have a place to relax and lay her head.

"They don't have many places. There is just one, Salvation Army, and I just felt happy and welcomed and really blessed," said Blackwell.

Blackwell said she knows firsthand there are a lot more women and children on the streets in need.

"There are lots of people, lots of people, there are people that need a place to stay. There are people that need help as far as stability."

Director Cathy Keeton said hearing that folks are homeless during these tough economic times and seeing empty beds saddens her.

"My cost is the same whether I open if for one, and will open it for one, or whether I open it for 20. So we just want y'all to come and be blessed."

Keeton said she's not trying to compete with any of the other shelters on the coast. She just wants to assist them in fighting this homeless problem.

"We can provide all of your basic needs including spiritual needs and counseling," Keeton said. "We work very closely with the school district. We are cooperating with them so we can get your children in schools. We also have connections with people in the hospitals."

Keeton said she is now encouraging friends, family, clients, and the community to continue to spread the word that this shelter is here, willing and wanting to lend a helping hand.

"I would like to see Abundant Grace Emergency shelter do what it says, be abundantly full. We would like to be filled to capacity," Keeton said.

For more information about the women and children's shelter call (228) 285-1563.

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