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Human rights vigil and rally for James C. Anderson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Human rights organizations are descending on Mississippi's Capital City in response to the murder of James Craig Anderson.

Sunday the vigils and tributes continued as a group from Atlanta urged residents to fight to end discrimination.

There were more cries for justice as dozens returned to the Metro Inn Sunday where James Craig Anderson was run over by a truck driven by 19-year-old Deryl Dedmon of Brandon.

Also charged in the case is 18-year-old John Rice.

The rally and vigil of men, women and children black and white called for peace and asked why the young men from Rankin county committed such an act.

Sixty year old Peter Meeks of Jackson said the news of the hate crime reminded him of his youth and the rampant attacks against blacks.

"It took me back a little bit, but I still feel like things have changed. It's just one of those things that happened, but I think they should give them the death penalty, give them death row," said Meeks.

The vigil and tribute were organized by the New Order National Human Rights Organization in Atlanta.

They are hoping others who were at the scene of the crime to be charged in what is described as a hate crime.

"Next week we're going to see the history of Martin Luther King monument being revealed, but I know he's in his grave disappointed with what's going on with our own people and also the racism that's going on out here," said Gerald Rose of the New Order National Human Rights Organization.

"We have to let all of Mississippi and especially Rankin County that it is not open season on black people in Mississippi. That day is past and gone," said Jone Maati Primm who attended the rally.

Vigil organizers said the 49-year-old plant worker's death is galvanizing a movement to improve relations in the black community as well as eradicating racism in the 21st century.

A Community Justice Forum will be held regarding the James Craig Anderson case Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Jackson Medical Mall Community Room.

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