Power poles coming down in Ocean Springs

As the major improvements continue in Downtown Ocean Springs the city took it's renovations to the next level today as workers removed power poles on Government Street.

It's all part of a plan to beautify the city and add to overall attractiveness of the new downtown area.

Mayor Connie Moran Proudly watched as utility workers uprooted power poles for Government Street in Downtown Ocean Springs.

The change is a part of the Streetscape project, a Katrina grant worth about $4 million. The money will fund improvements to the downtown area.

"We've created parking lots, new sidewalks, brick crossovers and now we're burying utilities here on Government Street. We've planted about 24 oak trees and what you see now is finally the telephones coming down," said Moran.

The removal of the telephone poles comes after a year long process of installing electricity transmission lines underground. In an effort to give the city a cleaner look.

"It took quite a while, but we worked well with AT&T and the cable company and the power company. We were able to coordinate baring all of those utilities. It's been a slow process taking wires down little by little. But for people who've been away for a long time and have come back it's a dramatic difference," Moran said.

"You don't have the wires strung up over head and everything. Telephone lines, and cable lines, power lines and TV lines. They're all underground now," said Utility Worker, Woodrow Payne.

Taking down the power poles is no easy task. First the concrete has to be broken, then the poles are pulled away using heavy duty machinery. In the end, the Mayor said it's all worth it.

"It makes me really very proud. The merchants are all excited we depend in Ocean Springs on visitors coming to our town all over the city. To our restaurants and unique boutiques and art galleries. This is just one more enticement," Moran said.

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