New subdivision headed to Woolmarket

WOOLMARKET, MS (WLOX) - A wooded lot on the corner of Walsh Fayard Road in Woolmarket is expected to blossom into a 60 lot subdivision in the coming months. This news has Biloxi Community Development Director Jerry Creel smiling.

"We are just excited to see it happen," Creel said.

He feels strongly about this project because he believes it can help bring displaced residents back.

"We think a large number of those have been waiting for housing to come back, and this is the type of housing that we are looking for," Creel said.

Biloxi had just over 50,000 residents before the storm and six years later the population is at 44,000, and it's no secret: population drives business.

"Developers are always looking for the opportunity to locate near that residential base, so certainly, we will see a positive impact happen because of this development," Creel said.

Dennis Stieffel, who is in charge of designing the subdivision said it will also boost existing businesses.

"They will be new customers and businesses will become better and better. We are very confident this will be an asset to the community," Stieffel said.

But this subdivision wouldn't have been possible only a few months ago, that's because the city is in the midst of a 14 phase project to extend water and sewer lines to this area in North Biloxi.

Stieffel said, "One of the best things that can happen for the city of Biloxi is to have folks living up in the north Woolmarket area to utilize the utilities that are coming in so they can be paid for."

The homes will be similar to the ones in the Villa Tuscano community and will cost anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000.

Construction should begin on the subdivision within the next two to three months and is expected to take about six to eight months to complete. Stieffel said he has already had a lot of interest.

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