Waveland city officials talk about city's outlook

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Waveland city employees are trying to move forward after layoffs and salary cuts went into effect Thursday.  These measures are all in an attempt to get better control of the city's budget.

The city attorney says despite the turmoil, things will get better.

"The employees are obviously a little bit down. There are a lot of people who have been there a long time. The chief had been there for a long time. Other employees, we had four departments defected. So, it has not been a fun week for anybody over there," said City Attorney Gary Yarborough

To save the city from defaulting on its bills at the end of the fiscal year, the Waveland Board of Aldermen made some tough choices.  They cut general government salaries and let go of 20 percent of its city employees.  Officials say it's a painful process, but a necessary one.

"The light will come, hopefully within the next six weeks or so. We've got the rest of the fiscal year to get through, which ends September 30," said Yarborough.  "After that, hopefully things will get a little better, and we'll get to gain some ground."

As the city works to dig its way out of financial turmoil, the city attorney believes it will recover.

"We're not talking bankruptcy. We're getting through this. We're going to manage it. And hopefully, down the line, some of these employees that have been with us a while they'll be coming back," said Yarborough.

Officials say that the city has been dealing with this problem since March of last year, and is thankful for every city employee who has worked through this tough time.

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