2nd Front Beach assault in as many months doesn't scare locals

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs Police are looking for two teenagers who they say assaulted a 50-year-old man walking on Front Beach. Investigators say the teens wanted cash.

It's the second incident this summer where someone was assaulted on Ocean Spring's Front Beach. Back in July, Police say four men assaulted two young women.

While babysitting her best friend's three-year-old son, Jonica Culver decided to head to Fort Maurepas Park.

With the park less than 100 feet away from beach, Culver said she visits both regularly. To her, the thought of violent activity in the area is definitely a concern.

"I've always considered Ocean Springs a safe place to live, so to know stuff like that's happening, that really does worry me because I have two kids of my own," said Culver.

Officials say the redesigned beach front is drawing more visitors to the area. Still, as a regular, Culver said she's never see anything out of the ordinary.

"It's always during the day and everything seems safe. It's just mothers and their children usually when we're out here."

Todd Brown has been living in Ocean Springs his whole life. He believes incidents happen like this everywhere, and he refuses to let a few bad seeds spoil his Front Beach experience.

"I feel completely safe. I believe it was probably an isolated incident. I believe the city has done well with the downtown area and the walkway here," said Brown.

Representatives from the police department say with any new attractions it's going to draw the good and the bad, and because of that, they will work harder to keep their citizens protected. The folks I spoke with agree.

"I think they've got a lot of new recruits, but I think they've done a good job of protecting the city," said Brown.

"I would hope for the better part of it that it wouldn't draw the bad, but I guess that happens. But knowing Ocean Springs, they'll heighten the security a bit, so I won't worry about it too much," said Culver.

Anyone with any information about the assault is asked to call the Ocean Springs Police Department at 228-875-2211.

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