Petal Woman Dies in Gulfport Accident

A Petal woman died and another person is injured in an accident near I-10 in Gulfport Sunday night.

Flashing blue lights caused traffic to slow at the intersection of Lorraine Road and I-10.

Just west of the busy intersection, police worked a serious accident.

Chief Pat Sullivan with the Gulfport Fire Department said, "This was a case where a larger vehicle, an SUV, hit a smaller vehicle, a Honda, and it caused a lot of damage to the passenger side of the vehicle."

Police gave the driver of the SUV a field sobriety test. Meanwhile, the passenger in the Honda is pronounced dead. Emergency workers tried to pull the accident victim from the vehicle.

Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove said, "She received traumatic injuries to the right side of the chest and head."

Lieutenant Ben Glass with the Gulfport Fire Department said, "By the time the jaws got here, we knew that it was a fatality, so at that point, we weren't really in a big hurry, we don't have to be. We'll wait on the medical examiner, and then we'll do the extracation."

Fifteen minutes after using the jaws of life, firefighters pulled the body of 56-year-old Betty Noblin from the Honda.

Another possible victim of drinking and driving.

Police did not release the name of the other driver. The person driving the Honda was not seriously injured.