Accident Makes Some Drivers Rethink Habits

When approaching a yellow light, we drivers have a choice. We can slow down and stop, or speed up and hope to make it through the intersection before the signal turns red. Police say today a driver decided to do the latter at the corner of Popps Ferry and Pass Roads in Biloxi. What happened next had some people re-thinking the way they act behind the wheel .

The signal lights that should have been controlling the flow of traffic on Popps Ferry and Pass Roads instead lay on the ground broken. Just a few feet away was a flipped car where firefighters struggled to free a man trapped inside.

Surrounding the accident scene were people attracted by sounds of the screeching tires shattering glass. One of them was Debbie Glaidwell. She just wanted "to see what happened, to see why he flipped.and how he flipped. You know, what caused it and everything."

Franzine Brown saw everything. "I looked up and I saw this car trying to beat the light. I guess he came and tried to turn real good but he lost control of the car and flipped over."

When the victim was on his way to the hospital and the initial panic subsided, people realized how bad this accident could have been.

"He hit the bench really hard and it's scattered all over the place," observed Victor James Hunt. "Just thank God nobody was sitting there or he didn't go through the parking lot where the kids where playing."

Some bystanders were putting themselves in the driver's shoes and reflecting on how their own behavior behind the wheel could one day have their lives hanging in the balance.

Glaidwell said "It will make you wonder. Is it worth that. Is it that important to catch the light green or just sit there 3 more minutes and wait on it."

"Try to just stop because it's not good," said Brown. "This man looked like he almost lost his life over trying to beat a light and it's not good."

Biloxi police say the victim was transported to Gulf Coast Medical Center where he was treated and released. The driver's name has not yet been released. No one else was injured in the in the one car accident.