Military Gets A Salute At Scottish Games

Hundreds of people interested in the Scottish traditions came to the 18th annual 'Scottish Games & Gathering of the Clans' at the Harrison County fairgrounds this weekend. Sunday, the Scottish descendants presented a patriotic salute to the armed forces.

"This parade here is actually a salute to the veterans. We do recognize the military because of so many of our members that did serve under the flag," an event organizer said.

Veterans of several wars walked behind the Scottish Bagpipers. It's the Scottish heritage that keeps this event keeps alive, while at the same time saluting the veterans who make freedom possible.

The Scottish games brought to life a time when men didn't have the freedoms we enjoy today. Some lads were throwing a 28 pound stone, in a competition.

"Balance is the hardest part, getting the movement down, since we're all beginners out here, except for our instructors, getting the footwork down is the hardest part," games particpant Scott Beich said.

"That was fun, everybody ended up with their fingers and toes, that's all that matters," Biech said after throwing the stone.

Nearby the games, sheep ate grass as they would in the Scottish highlands . A group of people learned what it takes to use a dog to herd the animals.

"He understands live stock so well, and reasons so he doesn't even think I know what I'm talking about, when I make him go one way he thinks he need to go the other," the trainer said about his dog.

Blacksmiths molded tools and weapons, and taught old methods of metallurgy.

"He's drawing out the ends and he has to work it at a certain heat, if it gets to cold then the metal will get brittle," John Lemiun said describing a project his partner was working on.

As the old Scottish instruments played, South Mississippi's saw the amazing grace of a history and a culture still marching on today.

Group organizers say this was the largest and most successful event ever.