Elite 11: Brandon Farmer

by Dave Schroeder - www.twitter.com/GulfSportsDave

Brandon Farmer anchors Harrison Central's rapidly-improving offensive line.

"Last year we went 1-10, this year we're trying to go 10-1," said Farmer.

As an offensive lineman, Farmer is not used to accolades, and he's not used to media requests.

But he is used to hard work.

"Brandon's a very big and physical kid.  He's also very athletic, he's got good footwork," said Harrison Central head coach Shelton Black.

"I offer hard work on the field and in the weight room, and good footwork.  Anything I don't know I will learn and I will work hard to be the best offensive lineman there is," Farmer said.

Farmer offers a lot, but so far has only one scholarship on the table.

That offer?  From Louisiana Lafayette.

But there are plenty of schools taking a hard look at Farmer's talents.

"He's 6-3, 315, and can run.  He played a little tight end in the years past," Black said.  "There's a lot you can do with somebody that big that's talented."

Black is relying on Farmer to anchor an offensive line that is making steady improvements every day.

"He'll speak up and the kids seem to follow, and it's great to have somebody like that," Black said.

While he will earn no stats of his own, Farmer is focused on getting his teammate, and fellow Elite 11 member, James Booth, more yardage and touchdowns this year as the rebels shoot for a winning record.

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