Elite 11: James Booth

by Dave Schroeder - www.twitter.com/GulfSportsDave

Harrison Central running back James Booth can't wait for the season to start.  Last year, Booth ran for 1300 yards, but the Red Rebels went just 1-10.

As a senior, Booth isn't going to accept a losing mentality.  And he's ready to do something about it.

"We didn't do too good, but I'm really anxious to get back on top of the pole," said Booth.  "I want to remember this year forever."

Harrison Central coach Shelton Black believes Booth can take Harrison Central to the promised land of the state playoffs.

"James Booth has been a dedicated player ever since he came up in the 9th grade. He's worked hard in the weight room, he's a leader by example, he's not a very vocal," said Black.

"I just come out here and practice hard and never give up and try to motivate other people," Booth said.

Last year's offensive line didn't exactly pave the way for Booth to run the ball.

"Of those 1300 yards I'd have to say about 1000 of those were James Booth only.  We weren't very good up front last year and it was just fun to watch him run," Black said.

But this year, an improved line makes duplicating 1300 yards seem easy to coach Black.

The goal this time around?

"I believe we're going top try to double that, that's the goal, James is an incredible back to watch," Black said.  "I don't know if its realistic, but its a goal, we're going to shoot for the moon."

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