Lawn care employees volunteer time to help a family in need

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - After hearing the story of Victoria Nelson, a young Moss Point girl who fell seriously ill in July, owner of Turf Masters Steve Jordan rallied his employees together.

"The good Lord put me in this position to help people, and I just feel flattered that I have the type employees that feel the same way," Jordan said.

Saturday, the business hosted what they called a Mow-A-Thon.

"They do this five days a week. They are out in 100 degree weather, and for them to volunteer another day when it is kind of their recovery day, they are the ones doing this," Jordan said.

Twenty-four of Turf Master's 34 employees spent their day off manicuring lawns, for free, and all to help a family they have never even met.

Employee Josh Seals said, "My Saturday is not that important. They are going through a lot more than I am, and I thought I could offer some help to them."

Another employee, Steve McDaniel, agreed.

"Knowing that you are helping someone else is benefit enough from it. If you got something you are good at that you know you can do, find someone who needs help with that and help them," McDaniel said.

Six teams spread out from Gulfport to Pascagoula to tend to about 80 yards in all.

"We are charging what you are able to give, some of them are getting a good deal, and others are just giving from their hearts," Jordan said. "That's what we wanted them to do. And this isn't going to help Victoria get well, but it will take one little small burden off the family that has been placed on them."

And to the employees of Turf Masters, that's what it is all about.

McDaniel said, "I just want her to know that we are out here doing this for her, and everybody is praying for her. And I know she is going to get better."

Victoria Nelson's mother said the 7-year-old has had three strokes since July 3rd and will undergo surgery this week. WLOX has more information about the young girl on our community website.

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