Waveland drainage project to improve the whole city

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - The flooding problems that Waveland residents have endured for years, should soon be over. A major drainage improvement project is now underway. It's news many Waveland residents have waited years to hear.

A large drainage ravine located in the 600 block of Highway 90 in Waveland is an important piece of Waveland's overall drainage system. Rain water from busy Highway 90 flows through the ravine.

"It needs some improvement because it's a main drainage of the city of Waveland," said Waveland businessman Harry Papel.

Papel's Motel sits right next to the drainage ravine where construction crews are increasing the water in-take capacity there.

"We have to attack the big sources first, then allow the smaller ditches to drain off into them," said Waveland's Public Works Director Brent Anderson.

Eight key out-falls through out the city will be upgraded. It's a $2 million project, funded by Community Development Block grant money, and designed to improve drainage throughout the entire city.

"In turn, as the city, we can continue to take the roadside ditches and start digging them back out to proper elevations, getting the water moving out of the neighborhoods," Anderson explained.

Work on the ditch next to Pat Kondash's house has already been completed, and she couldn't be happier.

"We don't have the standing, stagnate water anymore. We don't have the alligators, we don't have the snakes or the mosquitoes because it flows a lot better," Kondash said.

And the products being used on the work are designed to save the city and taxpayers money.

"Some of the major out-falls were lined in a concrete mesh fiber," Anderson explained. "What this does, it allows to keep adequate flow for the water, cuts down on your maintenance as a city to where we don't have to get in as often to clean those ditches, being that vegetation can't grow in and things of that nature."

He also said this is phase one of the city's over all drainage master plan. City leaders hope to secure a $7 million grant to complete phases two and three. Phase one is already about 85-percent complete.

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