Local Club Pounds Pavement To Raise Money

With each brush stroke, the kids of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Jackson County are hoping for a picture perfect success.

They need 50-thousand dollars to call this building home, and to do that, some volunteers have come up with an idea to get this club "off and running".

"I had a couple of friends in the emergency department at Singing River that were planning to run their first marathon at the end of this month, and it just so happen that we saw P. Diddy running in the New York marathon to raise money for New York kids and we felt that if he could raise 2 million dollars in New York, surely we could raise 50,000 here in Ocean Springs," said board member Dr. Mark Maulden.

On November 29, one doctor and two nurses will pound the pavement for a good cause in the 26.2 mile Stennis Space Center marathon.

They are looking for sponsors to help make the club's dream a reality.

"Grants that are available for us for the technology center, for the youth center won't be available to us until we own this building.With the purchase of this building , we can start putting in improvements like the technology center, the arts and crafts rooms, a youth center and all the things that make a Boys and Girls Club special," said board president Kathy Scarbrough.

And if you think the marathon has put a little fear in these first time runners, think again.

"If anybody wants to pledge as much money as Puff Daddy did, I'll beat his time. Two million, and I'll beat his time, I promise," said runners Dr. Matthew Emerick and nurse David Gress.

It took Puff Daddy over four hours to make it to the finish line, so we shall see.

The Boys and Girls Club of Jackson County must have the money raised by February 29.

Again, they need 50-thousand dollars to reach their goal.

If you would like to make a donation or sponsor one of the marathon runners, just call the club at (228) 762-3497.