Cellular South helps smart phone users explore more apps

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - If trying to find and download apps to your smart phone has you feeling not so smart then Cellular South wants to help. The company has a new campaign called Mobile APP-titude. Officials said they're teaching people in Mississippi and other states about how to get the most out of their smart phones.

Small business owners at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber meeting in Gulfport said even when they're out of the office, they're still hard at work.

"A lot of what we do is on the road," said Ash-leigh Ray of Pride Staffing. "We typically see 65 new business clients a week and try to touch at least 150 a week. So with that much volume and activity going on, it doesn't allow for a lot of office time."

Dennis Graham is a data sales engineer at Cellular South. He said having the right apps can make doing business on the go a lot easier.

"We talk about applications for the business world," said Graham. "Things like stock market tickers. We talk about mileage trackers. We talk about applications for the medical field. Also people in the business world are carrying this same device 24 hours so we talk about phone applications like Facebook and Twitter."

Ray said, "I just learned that we can actually track employees with the phone. You can use your phone to estimate different loans and business deals and decisions."

Officials said there are hundreds of thousands of apps and most are free. Cellular South encourages people to explore the possibilities.

"It's nothing to be intimidated about," said Graham. "I tell people it's just like getting that new computer. Try one app. See how you like it then try something else. Don't try to do everything all at once."

Cellular South officials also talked about the importance of installing anti-spyware to help protect your smart phone. Also, experts advise against charging and talking on your phone at the same time while in the car. They say the tension from the cord puts a lot of stress on the port and can cause it to break.

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