Hog-Dog competition migrates north from Vancleave

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - The so-called Hog-Dog Competition that was planned to be held in Vancleave will not be coming to the area.

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors recently voted to allow the Hog-Dog to go on, with very strict limitations. Despite that, coordinators have decided to take their show somewhere else.

"After they got the first approval, I believe they had one event and several small events. We never got any calls from the neighbors after that point, so I assumed that both parties were okay with the situation and moving forward. But I was a little surprised to see that everything was gone when we got back up there last week," said Michelle Coats with the Jackson County Planning Commission.

Owner Reggie Little didn't want to talk on camera, but told WLOX News the reason it's all gone is because he wanted to honor his neighbors' concerns about noise.

"It brought in a lot of people and, of course, a lot of animals. And there are several new houses that have been constructed in that area since Katrina. The neighbors were very close to the events that were going on and that was causing some grief with some of them," Coats explained.

The Planning Commission took the neighbors concerns into consideration when giving the Hog - Dog competition the go ahead.

"One of the stipulations was in addition to not being able to conduct their events at midnight, that it be reviewed in a year."

Coat said back in June, the commission found everything in order. So she and the other members were surprised to learn the event was moving.

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