Update: Baby shower tasing investigation pending

Velasquez Antion Grace (Photo source: Biloxi Police Dept.)
Velasquez Antion Grace (Photo source: Biloxi Police Dept.)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The man who was tased by police at a Biloxi baby shower over the weekend is now out on bond.

Biloxi Police say Velasquez Antion Grace was out on bond Monday evening after being arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The incident happened when police officers approached him about suspicious activity.

According to Biloxi Police, officials had received a call of a suspicious vehicle at Dewey Circle. An officer believed he saw the same vehicle at a car wash and approached the driver. That's when the owner of the car wash, Grace, approached the officer.

Witnesses told WLOX News, Grace tried to tell the officer that they were holding a baby shower in the office area at the Splash Car Wash.

But according to police, Grace's conduct made the officer feel threatened, and that's when the officer tased him.

Grace's court date is set for October 3. An investigation of the incident is pending.

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