State Of The Art Courthouse Opens In Gulfport

Two years ago, we witnessed a demolition in downtown Gulfport, in hopes of bringing in new business - a sort of "out with the old, in with the new" idea.

Wednesday, the "new" is in, in the form of a 50-million dollar state of the art facility known as the Dan Russell Jr. United States Courthouse Building. Media members were given a grand tour of the new eight-story federal building, which is complete with eight courtrooms.

All of the courtrooms include computers, and even jurors have access to the monitors, which judges say are important when various cases involve a lot of documents.

The building was also designed to accommodate everyone, and the accommodations don't end with the judges. There's even consideration for the height of attorneys.

The building is also designed for safety. Prisoners use separate facilities, so there's no personal interaction with judges or the public until they meet in the courtroom.

The building's namesake, Judge Russell, says he couldn't have asked for anything better in his 90 years of living.

"It is a wonderful building. A beautiful one. And I think it's gonna be a model throughout the whole United States. It's got the latest in electronics, technology, and all that. And a beautiful building with it. And in spite of the name that's on it, it's still a mighty pretty building," said Judge Russell.

There will be a special dedication ceremony at the courthouse on Friday at 2 p.m. Tours of the entire building will limited to those with invitations only, but the public will be allowed to tour the public areas of the building.