New Moss Point Fire Department not move-in ready


It's a state-of-the-art fire department in Moss Point that's cost nearly $2 million. But firefighters say after two years of construction, they still haven't moved in the new facility.
Fire Inspector Robert Lavinghouse said yet there's still a lot of work to be done in the building.
"Painting, and some more air condition work, and they have to put in all the fixtures, and trim it all out."
Construction Services Incorporated is in charge of building the 10,000 square foot facility. Lavinghouse says they were supposed to complete the building several months ago.
"It is disappointing. We have been ready to evacuate that old trailer for quite some time, and we are still over there," Lavinghouse said.
The old trailer Lavinghouse is talking about in the downtown district. Hurricane Katrina's wind and water gave this central station a good beating. Now, the firefighters work out of the tight unit.
"We are getting into the peak of hurricane season, and it would be nice to be in this thing."
Firefighter Timothy Dubose said besides working in the tight, temporary building, they are also running out of truck bay space.
"In our response to getting to different emergency, it leaves us with a little tap dancing room getting in and out." 
WLOX called Construction Services Incorporated to find out what's holding up this project.  The company said bad weather, new elevation requirements, and the need for more special materials to do the job has cause delays.  But if everything goes well, the company said the facility will be move in ready four to six weeks from now.
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