Friends and family hold memorial for lightning victim

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - On Sunday afternoon, family and friends of 41-year-old Bobby Broadus came together as one to say good bye a week after his unexpected death.

"He was a great person and he would do anything for anybody; he would do anything you asked him to do," Broadus' sister, Tina Langley said.

His older brother Jeffery Broadus said he's been really heartbroken since he found out lightning struck Broadus and killed him on the Pascagoula pier.

"He was always loved throwing his cast on the pier and catching fish with his friends,"
 Jeffery Broadus said. "He was out there, a little storm comes up, and lightning hit him on his way off the pier middle ways."

According to the U.S. National Weather Service, 73 people die from lightning strikes each year.  The grieving family is wondering why Bobby Broadus had to end up a victim.

"He is on the water all the time, so how does that happen," Broadus' sister Teresa Broadus asked.

"It is a freak accident, a freak accident," Broads' sister-in-law Tonia Broadus said.

As these folks here mourn the loss of their loved one, they said they hope this horrible death will be a lesson for others.

"Be careful. If starts getting bad and you see the weather clouding up, get off the pier." Jeffery Broadus advised.

"If a thunderstorm comes up get inside," Tonia Broadus said.

Jeffrey Broadus said the family plans to ask Pascagoula leaders about possibly naming the pier after his brother.

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