Man tased at family baby shower

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A Biloxi family had gathered Saturday afternoon for a baby shower at the Splash Car Wash on Pass Road. They had prepared for a fun event, but when police arrived, the scene drastically changed.

Andrea Harper said, "The Biloxi PD arrived here at Splash Car Wash. They said they had a call that a black truck was parked in front of a home loading goods. The only black truck that we could imagine was the black truck that was described to the officer that was here at this house that belongs to the mother of lady that's having the baby shower."

According to Biloxi Police, officials had received a call of a suspicious vehicle. An officer believed he saw the vehicle at the car wash and approached the driver. That's when the owner of the car wash, Tony Velasquez, approached the officer.

"At that time, Tony told everyone to go in, and the officer replied, I mean he just bum rushed him," Harper said.

According to police, the conduct of the crowd made the officer feel threatened. The officer then acted and tased Velasquez.

"We started telling the man, 'We're having a baby shower! We're having a baby shower!' That didn't phase the officer at all," Harper recalled.

Velasquez then ran inside his business where the officer followed. Officials say he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was immediately released on an O. R. (Own Recognizance) Bond. A physically shaken Velasquez said the officer was overly aggressive and out of line.

"My feeling after this is that, I've tried my whole life to do everything right. I opened up my own business, I do things so that I can be a contribution to the community instead of taking away from it," Velasquez said. "I feel like it sends a very very bad message when you're trying to do positive, and to have an outcome like this in front of kids and family in front of a baby shower."

According to the Biloxi Police Chief John Miller, an investigation of the incident is pending. He said if any actions are found to be out of line, appropriate steps will be taken.

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