Citizens say prayer is the answer to American's woes

WIGGINS, MS (WLOX) - Over the past few months the US economy has taken one hit after another culminating last night in the historic move by S&P to lower the credit rating of the United States from Triple-A status to Double-A. This is the first time the credit rating has dropped since 1917.

In these dark economic times, a movement has been brewing to look to a higher power for relief. As a part of that movement, Wiggins city leaders declared Saturday "Prayer Day."

For these citizens, today was no ordinary walk in the park. In the midst of undeniably hot temperatures they came together with one goal: to pray for our nation. The event is a part of a nationwide call to prayer. An idea that quickly spread in reaction to the tough times we've faced.

"Governor Perry of Texas got this program started, and we had a group of people to come to us and ask the board of Alderman would they mind doing a resolution making August 6, 2011, is Prayer Day in Wiggins, Mississippi," said Jerry Alexander, Mayor of Wiggins.

With the resolution passed, supporters of the cause are glad to see things moving forward.

"We have a Godly heritage because God started this nation as our founders knew, and we just need to bring it back to what our founders started," said organizer Nancy Bosarge.

Organizers here say they believe the reason the nation has suffered so much is because we've strayed away from the Godly principles that we were founded on.

"I believe that we are off because we're no longer under God. We don't look to Him for things. We don't trust Him in our personal lives, and that's going to filter down to what we do as a nation," said Wayne Flurry, Pastor of McHenry First Baptist Church.

"We should be on bended knee and ask God to be the leader of our nation again and to help us get back to our Christian roots and principles on which we were founded," said Bosarge.

So whether or not you share the same beliefs, this group is determined to cling to their faith because it gives them hope to go on.

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