School and safety are back in session

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As Biloxi kids head home from their first day at of school, they're more excited about school adventures than traffic safety. However, their safety is top priority for teachers, parents and city officials.

"You may not see quite the presence, but you will still see a police presence every day," said Biloxi Police Chief John Miller.

Budget issues have forced Biloxi police to cut back on the number of crossing guards they can provide to help kids across busy intersections.  To help fill that gap, volunteers from the community have stepped in.

Miller said county workers, meter maids, and residents have all volunteered to be trained as crossing guards.

However, crosswalks aren't the only safety concern. Motorists play a big role in making sure every child makes it home.

"Too many of them on cell phones and trying to negotiate a vehicle when we have busses and children, and children walking along side the road trying to get to school," said Biloxi School District Transportation Director Sam Bailey.

Bailey said that parents dropping off their kids should also be very careful, and pay close attention to directions given by teachers and officials.

Biloxi Police have also increased patrols around school zones, strictly enforcing the low speed limit.

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