Pascagoula's 5th and 6th graders now under one roof

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The school bells rang Thursday in the Pascagoula School District as thousands of students returned to the classroom. The change we told you about at Trent Lott Academy involving fifth and sixth graders learning under one roof is now in place.

The goal of the change is to better prepare kids for middle and high schools. Thursday morning, when the fifth and sixth graders in Pascagoula hopped off the school bus, they were greeted by a lot friendly faces.

From the smiles, it seemed as if they were really excited to embark on a new challenge at their new school.

"I know a lot of people that went here, and they told me great stories. So I am having lot of fun so far," new student Darron Salters said.

Others, like Tayler Suzanne Porter, had those first day jitters walking the halls.

"This school is like humongous and big," Porter said about Trent Lott.

Porter is used to an elementary school with just one teacher and small classrooms. Now, she has more than 500 classmates and changes teachers three times.

"This is brand new to us. It is an opportunity to get fifth graders in classes with sixth graders, so we can up the rigor, the level rigor for students," Principal Dr. Shannon Vincent said.

Vincent knows change is difficult, especially for young people. But she said once the children see all the cool technology in the classrooms and get to know their teachers, everything will be okay.

"We have access to science labs that they didn't have in elementary schools. And we have more advanced computer technology, and all the classes have promethium board," Vincent said. "So it is opportunity for students to grow a little more in a larger environment with access to more educational experiences, and that is what we want."

Taylor Porter said although she is still nervous, she's not going to let that stop her from doing her best in school this year.

"I will make A's a lot on all my subjects and make honor roll."

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