1986 bike ride stopped by tragedy continues today

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It's really amazing what folks will do when they are passionate about a cause. Take the three men we caught up with in Hancock County. They're from New York and biking more than 2500 miles across country to raise money and awareness for a cause close to their hearts.

"We've already biked 550 miles in five days," said Biker Dan Alexander.

The New Yorkers expected Southern hospitality, but not the sweltering heat.

"Extremely hot as it is in beautiful Mississippi. Coming from Buffalo, New York, we're not used to this," biker Tony Glosek said.

The journey for Dave Cywinski, Dan Alexander and Tony Glosek actually began in 1986, when they set out on an 8,000 mile trip to raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Alexander explained, "5,700 miles into the journey, Tony and Dave were injured by a pick-up truck. They were hit from behind. A driver feel asleep at the wheel trailing a horse. They were seriously injured and it ended the trip for them."

"We both sustained some serious injuries," Glosek remembered. "Both my legs were broke. My back was broke, my jaw in two spots. Dave had some serious nerve damage to his legs, but we recovered. It took a while, but we're here."

A quarter of a century later, the trio returned to Seguin, Texas, where the accident happened and resumed the ride.

"We wanted to finish what we started," said Alexander. "And that was raising money to build a youth center."

Dave, Tony and I grew up extremely poor, and the Boys Club, the Babcock Boys Club at the time was a home away from home. It was a safe haven for three poor kids to go and grow. And what the boys club did, it gave us the tools that we needed to succeed in life."

Those three boys, who are now a surgeon, a doctor and a medical billing manager, say they want to give back.

"One of the important messages we want to get out to kids is finish things that you start. It's not about riding 2500 miles. It's about building a future for some children," said Biker David Cywinski.

The bikers were treated to lunch at the Silver Slipper Casino, and a casino employee, who is also a bike enthusiast, escorted the visitors through town.

You can track their progress or make a donation to their cause on their website: www.biketripforkids.com or reach them on their Facebook page.

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