Summer heat bakes South Mississippi

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The temperatures are soaring and the summer heat seems to be baking parts of South Mississippi. A heat advisory remains in effect on the coast due to the extreme mixture of heat and humidity. The sun was shining and temperatures were rising in Jackson County.

"It must be 100 or so," A construction worker said.

It is not that hot, but the heat and humidity have left these construction workers sweaty and tired.

"It ain't pretty, but you know, you have to do what you do to survive."

According to the temperature gauge set up near this construction site, the heat index is up to 125. No surprise to the construction guys.

"It sure does feel like 125," construction worker Chris Walker said.

Knowing that this is such a hot job, crew members said they pace themselves, so they don't dehydrate or pass out.

"Take breaks, got to stay hydrated, got to look for the signs of heat exhaustion not only for myself but for co-workers," Walker said.

Folks are not only battling the heat outside, they are also battling the heat inside. I went to Kathy's Kleaners in Pascagoula and the gauge read 113 to 114.

"It feels like a sauna," worker Billy Moore said.

The steamers and dryers make conditions worse. So much so Sandra Johnson had to take a break to catch her breath.

"You can't even describe how hot it is. It is not just a muggy hot; it just hot," Johnson said.

To beat the heat, workers said they're also drinking plenty fluids and keeping air circulating.

"We got three large air conditioners, and we got girls on the dry-clean side each have a personal air conditioner. And we got fans going," Moore said.

But sad to say even that is not doing much good Wednesday.

"It is blowing out hot air because the heat is coming from here," Johnson said about the fan.

These people with hot jobs said they can't wait until the heat wave is gone, so they breathe a little easier and work without sweating so much.

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