Page 13: Mixing science with art

Joe Jewell is a scientist with the Department of Marine Resources. He grew up in Biloxi and loves the water.

Jewell is, among other things, a scientific illustrator. It's a unique job. His drawings of different species of fish are in DMR's saltwater fishing handbook.

If it has to do with the coast, Joe said he'll draw it.

"I really enjoy drawing fish. That's my forte, but I also enjoy anything from our coastal environment and eco systems."

Jewell's formal background is rooted in exact ink drawings of sea life. He has taken his work to the next level by creating posters and artwork that have become popular and collectable.

"To be liked as an artist, you have to give a lot of yourself. That's a challenge and a great feeling when people enjoy it and collect it," said Jewell.

As an artist Joe Jewell said he appreciates South Mississippi with it's abundance of subject matter.

"There's never a lack of challenges or ideas on this coast. There's always a new sunset, a new horizon for art."

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