Runoff candidates start all over

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The work has just begun for Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree and Clarksdale Businessman Bill Luckett.  They will face off again in three weeks to decide who will go after the state's number one office for their party.

Both candidates say it's time to dig in, and work even harder.

"We look forward to starting off the race again tomorrow, and we're working as hard as we've done in the past, and hopefully in three weeks we'll be ready," said Dupree to a crowd of supporters in Hattiesburg.

"We're going to look over our strengths and where we perform well, and we're going to build on that. We have a tremendous amount of energy. The room was just dynamic in energy in the Ground Zero Blues Club tonight in Clarksdale in which we were celebrating this run off victory, and we're ready to go to work," said Luckett.

Dupree and Luckett came out on top of the Democratic polls over Guy Shaw and Bill Compton, both of whom now endorse Dupree.

"We talked to Mr. Shaw and Mr. Compton after we knew there was a runoff, and they pledged their support to us, and that's good. They pledged to work as hard for us as they did for themselves," said Dupree.

The longtime Hattiesburg mayor says he will focus on the youth and future of the state to win the runoff.

Luckett, a first time candidate, says he will continue to push his message of proven success in his career.

"This is a job that I am taking on because it's a challenge and I know how to get things done. This is not a job that I am stair stepping into. This is a job that I'm moving out of the private sector to tackle because frankly, I can do a lot of good for Mississippi," said Luckett.

With the number of candidates that had their hats in the ring for the primary elections, no one is surprised at the need for a run off.  Luckett even said he was surprised that there was not going to be a Republican run off as well.

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