Voter turnout lower than expected

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - At the Snyder Center precinct in Biloxi, sometimes the voting machines looked busy. They also looked very lonely at times.

Democrat poll manager Joe Ford helps those who need it. He said the turn-out was not what he expected.

"Turn-out has been steady." Ford said. "But probably, since this is a republican box, so to speak, the republican voting has been a little bit more heavy than the democrats."

On the GOP side of the aisle, poll workers talked about the disappointing turn-out with so much at stake.

"People don't realize the importance of coming out to vote." Poll Manager Kay Broussard said.  "This is their say-so. This is their time to put their say in and so they really need to come out."

One who did come out was Shelby Williamson, who was giving a hands-on civics lesson to her great granddaughter.

"I'm setting an example so that she will do the right thing when she grows up," Williamson said. "She's been very inquisitive because we've been talking about this at home. And she wanted to know what voting meant so I wanted to show her."

As with any election, this one was not without it glitches.

For instance, at the Snyder Center a machine, which actually counts the votes, had to be replaced because the original one didn't work for the first three hours.

Broussard said they worked around the problem.

"We did not stop the election. The voters put their ballots into an emergency bin and at the end of the evening, when it's over, we'll put each individual ballot into a counter so everything will be counted and above board," Broussard explained.

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