How Tourism Destinations Deal With The Dreaded Off Season

Every tourism destination has it's off season. This is ours, at least until the snowbirds start arriving early next year. However, there are things our tourism destinations do to keep the visitors coming.

In some respects, it's the best time of year to come here. After all, the crowds have gone home, the weather is much better, and the discounts are everywhere.

One motel on Biloxi's Highway 90, is running a $22 dollar a night special. The manager says it is getting a lot of response.

''Oh, yea, we get people calling every day on our low rates," says Celeste Ehrat of the Super Eight, ''We work hard to get people into our place this time of year, and it really works."

Down the road at Beauvoir, the home of the last president of the Confederacy, the number of visitors always takes a dip during the winter season. The executive director says there are things they do to bring in visitors, but, in some ways, the low numbers are beyond their control.

"People just don't travel because children are in school," says Pat Hotard of Beauvoir.

Of course, everything is relative. Those who have been here a long time, remember just how dead the winter season used to be here. Now, thanks in part to the arrival of casino's, our off season is much busier than in the so called "old days."

If you live here, you know that in many ways this is the best time of year to be here. Now, those in the tourism industry just hope to convince out of towners, of that fact.