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Korean Veterans Remember Service And Soldiers

Veterans of the 36th and 37th Troop Carrier Sqaudrons soak up some local history at Beauvoir and the Church of the Redeemer in Biloxi as they spend a few days on the coast.

The men have their own place in history. During the Korean War, they worked on and around aircraft while stationed at a Tennessee air base.

"It's kinda special. We're happy to have served our part during the Korean War," Don Dickinson says.

One of Dickinson's buddies says it bothers him that a lot of people in this country don't support the troops fighting in Iraq.

"Right, wrong, or otherwise, they should be supported because they're there, fighting for us. I mean, we don't particularly want anymore of those planes flying into our towers or whatever they're flying into. We've got to protect this land. Somebody's gotta protect it," John Brown says.

The veterans say, sadly, that protection comes at a high price: soldiers' lives.

"We're very saddened by that, as everyone is I'm sure, but it's the price of freedom. And I believe we should be doing the things that the President is asking us to do," says Carrol Catlin.

Dickinson added, "We're there and we're gonna stick with it because we have a mission to do and we'll do it."

byMarcia Hill

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