Pascagoula School District prays for a successful year

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - In just a few days, students in the Pascagoula School district will return to the classroom to learn reading writing and arithmetic. Several pastors, parents and people in the community gathered at Pascagoula High School to pray the school year is blessed with success.

"They say you can take prayer out of schools but you can't take it out of our hearts Lord," said a faculty member during this prayer event.

With heads bowed and eyes closed this large circle of people poured out their hearts to God as they praised and prayed for the Pascagoula School District.

"Thank you father for the opportunity for a new school year," Youth Pastor Will Seymour said.

With this new beginning comes new challenges and pastors like Will Seymour asked God to guide the children's minds in the right direction.

"Because these students are designed for greatness Jesus. And these students are designed to change the world in a positive way," Seymour said.

Prayers were also sent up for those who will be educating the students day after day.

"Grant them a year that they will be able to teach these young people and not only give a quality education, but be an example," Seymour said.

Faculty and staff members were not forgotten.

"All the people that work in the cafeterias, the coaches, everybody have influence on these kids. Even the bus drivers, I ask that you keep them safe," A community member said.

This prayer group was requested by the new high school Principal, Al Sparkman. He told the crowd they have to help kids here and across our state make the grade.

"The hardest degree the kid will ever have to get is a high school diploma, and they need all the support they can get."

Sparkman said this show of support Sunday is wonderful. His prayer now is that community remains the backbone for school, kids and education.

Pascagoula School District has 19 schools and the students start classes Thursday.

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