Jackson Co. comes together to help save a little girl's life

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - For one seven-year-old Moss Point girl life has been turned upside down due to a recent illness. The mother said doctors have not been able to diagnose the problem and her daughter has had to have numerous blood transfusions.

The Jackson County Community and Blood Center have come together to help the little girl.

At Ingalls Avenue Church in Jackson County, there was not an empty chair at seven-year-old Victoria Nelson's blood drive. Dozens of people came from across the county to do their part.

"I am shocked by the turnout."

Victoria's mother, Lauren Nelson, said her daughter was a very energetic, healthy girl, until she began complaining of headaches earlier this month.

"She started throwing up, and she only had a third of the blood in her body that she should have had," Nelson said.

Victoria is now at USA Children and Women's Center in Mobile. Doctor's have kept the seven-year-old there for a month now trying to find out what is behind the constant blood loss.

"They have test for different cancers, for different blood disorders and everything has come back negative," Nelson said.

Knowing that this little girl is suffering in the hospital, William Gill and others said they had to come out and support.

"I feel sorry, I got children and I would want somebody to do it for me," Gill said.

"I believe that if she can be brave to get so many blood transfusions, I can be a little bit of my blood," Blood donor Ashley Walters said.

For every person who donated blood in Victoria's name, The Blood Center donated $10.00 toward the family's medical expenses, which the mom describes as astronomical.

You can also go by any Merchants and Marine branch and give them Victoria's name and make a donation.

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