Lieutenant Governor candidates pound the pavement

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Lieutenant Governor hopefuls Billy Hewes and Tate Reeves took their campaigns to the streets of South Mississippi Saturday.

Reeves and his team used Ocean Springs' weekend Farmer's Market as an opportunity to connect with voters. The Reeves camp also went door to door allowing Reeves to connect with residents on a personal level.

"My entire campaign has been about traveling around Mississippi running a grass roots, message based campaign about why I ought to be Lt. Governor," Reeves said. "Things like being better and higher paying jobs to our state, getting the growth of our debt burden under control, getting spending under control. That's what I've heard all throughout the campaign trail. That's what people want to hear, and that's what we're talking about."

Afterwards, Reeves headed to Pascagoula and Vancleave, with a final stop in Hurley. Tate Reeves's opponent Billy Hewes said right now polls show the Lieutenant Governor's race is neck and neck.

Hewes and his supporters held up campaign signs at the corner of Pass and Cowan Roads in Gulfport.

In this final stretch of the race, Hewes said he's criss-crossing the state trying to raise awareness about the importance of voting Tuesday's primaries.

"At this point you're just reinforcing; you're thanking folks for what they've done, asking them again to go out," Hewes said. "We've spent almost two years traveling the state, letting people know who Billy Hewes is, what I'm about and what I hope to do, a little about my history. It's been, as you can see, a great family affair as it has been throughout the entire campaign."

Hewes said later in the day his campaign made stops in Pearl River, Lamar and Jackson counties.

"We're very enthusiastic about our chances. The numbers have just gotten to where the race is a horse race. We're expecting great thing on Tuesday," Hewes said.

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