Local Soldier Speaks Of A Woman's Life In Military

Tiffany Smith is simply enjoying life surrounded by family and friends at her mother's home in St. Martin.

It's a bit of a change from what she has become accustomed to.

She is an Army Specialist and has been rotating in and out of Kuwait and Iraq since February first.

She is home on a fifteen day leave, so I sat down with her and we talked about life in the military from a woman's perspective.

"Everything is pretty much equal and fair. We pull the same details, the same workload, the same hours. We're not really restricted from doing much. They do protect us a little bit more. They do kind of make us as their children so to speak, and I mean the men," said Smith.

Smith has served in the Army for seven years, so she is aware of the dangers all soldiers face.

But she says the media coverage of the injured female POW's could limit some of the duties many women are assigned in the future.

"It shouldn't have been publicized as much as it was. And because they were women makes it hard for us, because now, in the future they will think twice from what happened because they put emphasis on those two women," said Smith.

She plans to go back to Kuwait to fulfill her duties, making Americans proud.

But it can't surpass the pride of her loved ones here at home.

"She's a strong woman, that's one reason why I love her to death. She doesn't know what the outcome might be. She doesn't really know how long she's gonna be over there. But she still keeps the mentality right and spirits high, so I'm real proud of her," fiance Roosevelt Ard said.

"I pray a lot. I look at my family pictures. I think about what's here, and what I've got to come back to and just keep my mind focused on getting home," said Smith.

Tiffany will head back to Kuwait next Thursday, but she hopes for a swift return because she plans to marry Roosevelt Ard on June 12.