Biloxi Salutes Veterans

As the parade rolled by flags waved high as South Mississippi saluted our armed forces.

One Korean Veteran said, "As I grew up as a child Veterans day were big days and then suddenly we went into a slack period, but today it's coming back and I'm very proud of it."

"During World War II in Norfolk Virginia they had signs on the lawn dogs, sailors, soldiers, and marines keep off," said a World War II veteran.

As the younger generation marches by, Veterans recollect "their" experiences as younger soldiers--experiences they hope others will help keep alive.

"They should write them down and put it down in some form just like I'm doing, I'm up to 1940 now," said World War II and Korea veteran Rudy Dill.

" So if you can outline it and leave it to somebody, somebody may use it later, mine is much more interesting. I thought it would be boring. They all want to know, how many people you killed in World War two. I said I didn't kill anybody, artillery killed them. I was an artilaryman. You end up telling the funny stories and you skip the gore. You remember the funny things that happened to you like this one or that one. Some of those guys could tell stories, there's no way you could believe them, but they were true. I spent seven months in Europe, one thing I could remember is the cold weather. I don't remember getting shot at, but I can remember that cold weather. That snow and that ice."

When interviewing a veteran, try to tape it if possible.

Use a video camera or audio recorder and try to keep them as comfortable as possible.