Pascagoula middle school prepares new students for transition

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The middle school years can be tough for students when they are dealing with a new schedule, new teachers, and peer pressure. First time middle school students gathered at Colmer Middle School today to help ease that transition.

Jumping rope, hula hopping and playing basketball is not a typical school day at Colmer Middle school.  But on Thursday, Principal Wanda Fishburn said she just wants her incoming students to loosen up and have fun before classes begin.

"They are getting to know some friendly faces. And they are getting to know some adults that will be in their lives this school year," Fishburn said.

While this day was about socializing and fun, the principal knows middle school can turn serious.

"They do struggle; I will see some of them take a dip because it is a full seven period day, which is new for a lot of them. Also, instead of one teacher they have seven," Fishburn added.

Questions and curiosity about what's ahead brought Melody Collins and Sarah Jones to the event to get comfortable with Colmer.

"Am I going to have nice teachers, and am I going to like my classmates, and stuff like that," said Melody Collins about her new school.

"You might be getting lost somewhere and end up being late to class," said Sarah Jones.

Principal Fishburn said she understands the children's concerns. That's why she said Colmer will also be working with kids throughout the year to get them comfortable enough to do their best in the classroom.

"We are giving the kids a zippered binder, and we have a whole work ethic organizational plan, and we will be teaching children how to be organized," Fishburn said.

Colmer's principal and staff are hoping to help the kids, guide them through middle school and also help them with the new challenges ahead.

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