Family Living Internet Chat Room Nightmare

The last time Nicole Alexander's family saw her was Wednesday night, when they thought the teen was in her bedroom.

Nicole's sister, Lauren, says, "She didn't answer me and I went in the bedroom and woke my mother up and said, 'Nicole's not answering me,' and she said, 'Well go get the key and open her door.' When I did,  the window was open and she had left a note apologizing. She said she was sorry, that she was confused and don't worry about her she'd be back soon and that she loved us."

Nicole's family later found out that she had been chatting on line at a friend's house earlier that night with someone named Phillip. "We found this out from another person," says Brenda Alexander, Nicole's mom.

"He told the police investigator that he dropped the girls off in the Orange Grove area and they met this young guy, his name is supposed to be Phillip, he looks to be in his early 20's."

There's been no word since and now Brenda and Lauren can only wonder.

"The stories that you hear about all these internet meetings, ya know, I mean, I just hope that the person she's with is a nice person," Brenda says.

Wednesday was not the first time Nicole had gone on line to talk with someone. Scanning through Nicole's computer files, Lauren found an on-line conversation between Nicole and a man from Pennsylvania that occurred in September.

Lauren says, "He was talkin' about he'd have to get her drunk so he could kiss her and he goes on to say he was lookin' at jewelry stores to buy her a ring. I think she's just really tryin' to act like she's older here or something, I don't understand it."

Brenda doesn't understand either. She just wants Nicole to come home.

"Please call me. I'll come pick you up please call me. Let me know you're okay. I love you."

Police say Nicole and the girl she's with were last seen Wednesday night getting into a red Jeep Cherokee in the Orange Grove area.  If you have any information of her whereabouts, call the Biloxi Police Department at 392-0641.