Video luring folks to Biloxi to be seen by millions

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A lot more people, we're talking millions of people will soon know about Biloxi and what it has to offer thanks to a promotional video from Delta Airlines.

Tuesday, Biloxi Council Members were treated to a special presentation to let them see the video that millions of Delta Airlines passengers will soon be seeing.

Produced by the airport and the Mississippi Development Authority, the video formally premiered Tuesday before the Biloxi City Council.

Throughout the month of September, the promotional piece will be shown on about 17,000 Delta Airline flights.

It highlights many of the attractions unique to this area, in hopes of getting the attention of travelers.

Biloxi City Leaders say the video is definitely a move in the right direction for the Gulf Coast.

"I thought that video was great," said Jerry Creel with Biloxi Community Development. "I thought it spot-lighted a lot of the things that we have to offer here, and I see nothing but positive coming out of it. So it was really impressive!"

Throughout the promotional run, a total of about 2.6 million Delta Airlines passengers are expected to view the video.

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