Rebuilding a town is the goal of Project Leakesville

LEAKESVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Seventy-eight-year-old Maejewel Helton and her daughter spent the morning looking over pictures of what was once her home. Before the storm, it was a cozy cottage. Just moments after the tornado struck, it was reduced to rubble. Adding to the tragedy, she lost her husband of 62 years three weeks later.

Thanks to Project Leakesville, she'll be living in a new home by Christmas. Pastor Nick Wolfe and Project Manager Richard Lacy are from Agricola Baptist Church and head up the project.

"In coordination with some other organizations, other churches, we would like to see all of these homes restored," Pastor Wolfe said. "We'll be involved as much as we can be."

Work has already begun on Helton's home. Soon, the foundation will be poured and hammers will be pounding.

But the need is great in this small town, which still bears the scars left behind by the twister. The pastor agreed.

"Leakesville sustained a loss of 50 plus homes, there was loss of life here, and it has been forgotten like Smithville almost,"  Pastor Wolfe added.

With so many cities suffering and several others all across the US, why was the town of Leakesville chosen for this project? Richard Lacy answers the from his heart.

"It's the thing the Lord would have us do," Lacy said. "He told us to look out for widows and orphans. And this lady is a widow, and she's lost everything she had within sight of just a few days. You just know that you're doing right when you do this."

As for Maejewel, she can hardly wait for move in day.

"I'll be happy, happy, happy even if it was tomorrow," Maejewel said. "I've waited, waited and waited, but each day is getting better."

And things will get better in here, one day and one home at a time.

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