Senator Billy Hewes' "Game Plan For Mississippi"

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport native, Senator Billy Hewes is spending the final days before the primary campaigning for Lieutenant Governor.

The 20 year Senator was elected President Pro-Tem of the House by his colleagues.

He is traveling the state showing off his "Game Plan for Mississippi." He presented it in Jackson earlier in the week and is now here on the Coast.

He says the comprehensive plan includes eliminating inventory taxes, an outline for education reform, job creation and drug tests for anyone who gets public assistance.

Senator Hewes says legislative experience is crucial to do the job of Lieutenant Governor who oversees everything considered by lawmakers creating legislation, appropriating money throughout the state and will soon have the face the ever important and complicated issue of redistricting.

Senator Hewes said, "We have to have somebody who understands what's at stake, how things have unfolded in the past, not just this last session. But how they've gone a decade ago, two decades ago, and I've seen that. And I have some very clear ideas that we need to make sure that the interest of the voters are protected. I am seasoned, proven and ready for the job."

The primary election is August 2nd.

To see his comprehensive plan of action, "Game Plan For Mississippi" click HERE.

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