Couple arrested for cooking meth at local hotel

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A roundup of suspected drug dealers led investigators to a batch of meth cooking in a Gulfport hotel room Friday.

Patrick Brian Smith and his wife Virginia Ann Smith of Long Beach were arrested after deputies found them at the Days Inn just off of Highway 49 near Airport Road.

Along with various chemicals and equipment used to make methamphetamine, narcotics investigators say they also found the drug oxycodone.

Harrison County Narcotics investigators say they went looking for Patrick Smith at his home this morning when they launched a roundup operation across the county.

Drug agents began knocking on doors at 6:00 Friday morning looking for what they described as mid-level street dealers.

Deputies arrested seven others on charges of selling a variety of controlled substances, including marijuana, suboxone, methamphetamine, crack cocaine and a counterfeit crack substance.

Felony arrest warrants for five others are also pending. The operation was handled by the Harrison County Narcotics Division with assistance from the Gulfport Police Narcotics Unit, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the Jackson County Task Force.

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